'Labor-related issues need to be resolved'

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'Labor-related issues need to be resolved'

The union members of the Cargo Truckers Solidarity voted to end the general strike and go back to work after 16 days. Many are saying that the strike that lasted for two weeks only left a deep scar. This is because they failed to achieve the goal of the strike — extension and expansion of the safety freight rate system. Furthermore, the government is now reconsidering the extension of the scheme for three years, which they proposed before the strike had taken place.
The safety freight rates system guarantees cargo truckers the minimum freight rate to prevent them from overworking and speeding, and charges a fine to the shippers who refuse to pay the amount. It was introduced in 2020 under the condition that it would expire after three years and is set to end at the end of this year. The truckers decided to go on a strike on Nov. 24, pointing out that the government failed to implement the compromise of making the rate system permanent or discuss the expansion of the scheme.
However, on Friday, the members of the cargo truck union voted to end the strike and accepted the offer from the government to extend the freight rate system for the next three years. It seems that the Democratic Party (DP)’s announcement to accept the ruling party’s suggestion to extend the scheme for three years led to such a decision. However, the legislation of the extension is still uncertain. The administration and ruling party officially announced that they would reconsider their proposal of extending the system from the starting point, while notifying that they will demand compensation for the enormous damages during the strike.
“Most of the people want such a response from the government. Punish them stringently based on law.”
“They were blinded by their own profits and captured the people and businesses.”
“Fighting to demand fair payments is a right thing. But why did they harm other’s businesses?"
“It was the government who failed to keep their pledges in the first place. Then the Cargo Truckers Solidarity came under fire.”
“The government needs to speak for the laborers as well.”
“I’m against illegal strikes but support measures are necessary to keep road safety.”
“Just offer them subsidies and draw back such measures when they fail to keep the rules.”
“This is not about winning or losing. Labor-related issues need to be resolved.”

BY KIM AH-YOUNG, HAN HYE-RIM [han.hyerim1@joongang.co.kr]
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