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[Letters] Behind the Web browsing curve

On Feb. 4, a letter [“The economic value of Hangul”] was published in this space stating:

“Korea’s potential of becoming a world leader in information technology, Internet and the mobile phone industry is being found in the scientific Hangul.”

In my opinion, Korea is dog-pedaling in one spot in technology and will continue to do so until business, IT and government in this country decide to get out of the Microsoft monoculture and join the rest of the world in more secure and open browsers. ActiveX is filled with flaws. Microsoft will discontinue support in 2014 yet the Korean government and businesses still cling to this antiquated system.

As a Mac user, I can’t access banking sites, government sites and many other sites because like most advanced operating systems, ActiveX is not parceled with the computer, nor is it on Firefox, Linux or any other browser.

In order for Hangul to get greater exposure, the country needs to catch up with the rest of the world in browser technology.

Dave Woelke, Busan
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