Days after shooting, a marine suicide

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Days after shooting, a marine suicide

Just six days after four marines were killed at a border post of the 2nd Marine Division on Ganghwa Island, a marine was found to have killed himself in the 1st Division of the Marine Corps on Sunday night.

The 19-year-old lance corporal, identified by the Marines as J, was found hanging in a shower room on the base in Pohang around 10:20 p.m. by several fellow marines.

Military investigators also found a note they believe to be his will, where he apologized to his parents and lamented on the difficulties of his life in the military. Officials did not release further details of the note, citing privacy issues.

Investigators are looking into whether physical violence or tormenting by other marines on the base led to the lance corporal’s death.

Physical violence and bullying in the military, and especially the Marines, has surfaced again after the corporal who killed four marines on July 4 cited those as reasons for his shooting spree.

The military is trying to root out the causes, starting by relieving the marine commanders who were responsible for maintaining order at the base of their duties over the weekend.

The first lieutenant and staff sergeant on the base were arrested on July 8, the military said.

The number of suicides has remained fairly constant in recent years, according to military sources. There were 75 in 2008, 81 in 2009 and 82 last year, the military said.

“This is the result of various programs to prevent physical violence, military accidents and suicides altogether,” said a military official.

“But at some bases, suicides are still prevalent, so we will come up with other measures to prevent losing our fighting capacity,” the official said.

By Christine Kim []

한글 관련 기사 [중앙일보]

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