[Letters] Korea desperately needs less politics

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[Letters] Korea desperately needs less politics

At a recent lecture in Osan, Gyeonggi, the Buddhist monk and liberal activist Venerable Pomnyun suggested that the solution to Korea’s acrimonious political climate lies in a new political party. (“New Political Force Needed: Monk,” Nov. 22, 2011)

What the nation will gain by adding yet another faction to the political fray is not clear. After all, one doesn’t break up a dogfight by tossing one more pitbull into the ring. Far from needing more political parties and politicians, then, Korea desperately needs less politics.

The Venerable Pomnyun may fancy himself a transcendent political figure, able to soothe souls and unify the masses. Unfortunately, even when a revered Buddhist monk is involved, the use of political channels, though occasionally inevitable, always tends to strain the delicate threads that hold society together.

Aaron McKenzie, research fellow at the Center for Free Enterprise in Seoul
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