[Sponsored Report] Renault SM6 is all in the family

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[Sponsored Report] Renault SM6 is all in the family


The SM6 in amethyst black has a purple tint in the front of the car that’s revealed when exposed to light. [RENAULT SAMSUNG MOTORS]

As the name suggests, a family car is designed for the entire family, not just the driver. Therefore, safety and economy are priorities over driving efficiency. Design and sound systems that fulfill family members’ sensibilities have become significant sale factors for family cars.

Renault Samsung Motors’ midsize sedan, the SM6, has gained traction in the auto industry for its unique design and premium sensitivity. Although a year and a half has passed since its release, the model is still well-received by car buyers for its advanced features, design and cost. It is especially appropriate as a family car because of its diverse and convenient functions that consider safety along with cutting-edge systems.

Dynamic exterior

The biggest merit of the SM6 is its unique exterior, best identified by its C-shaped LED daytime running lamp. The front of the car imbues soft charisma with its curved lines, while the sides are designed with sharp lines.

The SM6 comes in special colors, one of which is amethyst black, a unique color in jewelry that combines black and purple. It is popular among customers because it provides them with an alternative to the sedan market’s typical black or grey.

Luxurious interior

The interior of the SM6 has been rated as the most luxurious among domestic midsize sedans. Its RGB-format five-colored ambient light is the first in a Korean car and allows buyers to choose colors according to their preferences.

The dashboard and door trim are made from quilt-patterned leather, adding to the luxury of the SM6. For a more comfortable ride, the headrests are the same wing-out prestige headrests used in first-class plane seats. A massage function has been added to give family members an even more enjoyable ride.

High efficiency

When it comes to long-distance trips, fuel efficiency is more important than design. The SM6 with a 1.5-liter diesel engine has a combined fuel efficiency of 17 kilometers per liter (40 miles per gallon), comparable to an imported hybrid sedan.

A cutting-edge transmission, auto start-stop system and multi-sense functions work together to maximize fuel efficiency. When a driver pushes on the brakes, the start-stop system automatically stops the engine and keeps it stopped until the brakes are released, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. Multi-sense allows drivers to select energy-saving driving modes to enhance fuel efficiency.

Safety and convenience

The SM6 is the first midsize sedan to come with a heads-up display that can help lower the risk of accidents by keeping drivers focused on the road. It is also Korea’s first midsize sedan to come with an advanced driver assistance system that includes adaptive cruise control, a technology that helps the driver maintain distance with the car ahead; an automatic braking system that takes control of the brakes if a car is about to enter a collision; a lane departure warning system that helps the car stay inside its lane; and a warning system that alerts the driver if they approach a car too closely.

Comfort and convenience

The SM6’s multi-sense system comes with four driving modes and a personal mode, allowing a fully customized driving experience.

In comfort mode, damping control is prioritized to deliver a comfortable ride. Steering becomes lighter and suspension is enhanced, helping drivers pass through speed bumps and rugged roads.

The engine and transmission also go into neutral gear, and the massage function is activated in the driver’s seat to help reduce fatigue.

Sound is another characteristic that makes the SM6 a true family car. It is the first model in Korea to come with a free lossless audio codec. OGG files, which have better sound quality than MP3 files, can be played through the system’s eight speakers.

“The SM6, the representative midsize sedan from Renault Samsung Motors, is providing car owners with a comfortable and safe driving experience,” a company spokesman said. “It brings comfort from multifaceted areas like excellent fuel efficiency, best ride comfort and numerous safety functions. These characteristics are what make the SM6 the optimal family car.”
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