Growing while fighting uncertainty

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Growing while fighting uncertainty

The author is the head of Fol:in at the JoongAng Ilbo.

We are going through confusion that we’ve never experienced. No one can predict the week ahead. Who can avoid the uncertainty?

Fol:in is no exception. The knowledge platform held a study group named Fol:in Study. Sept. 2 was the first meeting for the fifth study group. The fourth group had to be suspended due to Covid-19. In mid-February, we decided that meetings could not continue, so fees were refunded to the members.

Before the fifth group was organized, we pledged to prepare for all possible situations. We organized the response plan for each social distancing stage. When distancing was elevated to Level 2, we would offer both online and offline meetings. At Level 3, we would only hold online meetings. I thought we were perfectly prepared.

Then there came the variable of Level 2.5. I held an emergency video conference on Aug. 31 with my teammates working from home. After a discussion, we decided that only online meetings should be held, as Level 2.5 should be considered equal to Level 3. We will call each member and verify that they understand. When Covid-19 subsides, we will hold extra meetings.

Most members understood — and supported — our decisions. The first meeting was lighthearted. From the emergency conference in the morning to the notice in the afternoon, our team responded swiftly to an unpredictable situation. I believe our team grew closer.

Everyone is going through tough changes. I saw a funny yet sad post on social media recently. An internet cafe started to deliver food on a food delivery app. From rice cake to budae jjigae, or Army base stew, the internet cafe began delivering favorite food items to more and more customers. I was moved by the decision, as the cafe owner sought ways to survive as the business could not open.

“I feel that the process itself is a destination for us,” wrote You Jung-un, creator of the popular Korean meditation app Mabo. She is organizing a conference called “Wisdom 2.0 Korea.” She postponed the conference from March to October due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

She now has once again come up against uncetainty. For now, many lectures will be offered online, and the final decision will be made in September. “I feel like I’m riding a roller coaster, but I have many thoughts watching the teammates gallantly meeting the challenges. I’ve learned a lot and am growing. I am becoming strong inside.”

Let’s cheer up. Let’s believe that we are all growing while fighting uncertainty. Our destination is to learn new things and become stronger with each passing day.
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