[National Treasure] Dignified bodhisattva statue considered one of the best works of the time

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[National Treasure] Dignified bodhisattva statue considered one of the best works of the time

Name: Gilt-bronze Standing Bodhisattva
Period: Unified Silla (668-935)
Location: Busan
Status: National Treasure No. 200
This standing gilt-bronze bodhisattva, preserved in the Busan Metropolitan City Museum, stands firm with its head held high.
Although the pedestal and mandorla are missing, the statue had been relatively well preserved.
The bodhisattva is crowned by the usnisa, and it seems to have been wearing a crown also since there is a small hole on the usnisa.
The hair covering the forehead is depicted realistically, while there are no hairs on the back.
The somewhat chubby face, carved with half-closed eyes, arched eyebrows and a high nose, wears a benign smile, giving the statue a beautiful and merciful impression.
The earlobes are almost long enough to touch the shoulder, while the neck has three bold neck lines.
The resiliently depicted body has a beautiful line from the full bosom to the slender waist.
The upper half of the body is naked, while a robe covers both of the shoulders and hangs down to the feet.
The left part of the robe is missing.
The lower part of the body was depicted with symmetric U-shaped folds.
The bodhisattva is not wearing many accessories except for the bracelets on both arms.
The right hand is raised with the palm up, while the left hand's middle finger is bent, seemingly holding a Buddhist ritual sprinkler.
The statue, with a dignified and a merciful look, is considered one of the most magnificent artworks of the Unified Silla era.
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