viewfinder, while the other looks into his soul.” *viewfinder: (카" /> viewfinder, while the other looks into his soul.” *viewfinder: (카">


[앵커브리핑] '기억과 망각 사이에 사진이 있었습니다' (“Between memories and oblivion, were pictures”)

June 17,2017

뉴스룸의 앵커브리핑을 시작합니다.
This is today’s anchor briefing.

"사진을 찍을 때 한쪽 눈을 감는 것은 마음의 눈을 뜨기 위해서다"

“[When taking a picture,] one eye of the photographer looks through the viewfinder, while the other looks into his soul.”

*viewfinder: (카메라) 파인더

사진작가 브레송은 그렇게 말했습니다.

This was French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson’s philosophy of photography.

사진은 그 안에 담겨 있는 찰나의 순간보다 더 깊고, 더 많은 무엇인가를 우리에게 전하고 있다는 의미일 것입니다.

A picture is deeper than the split second single frame that is taken in and tells us more than meets the eye, hence the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

*split second: 찰나의 순간
*more than meets the eye: 눈에 보이는 것 이상으로

그래서 사람들은 사진을 찍나 봅니다. 잊고 싶지 않은 기억들…간직하고 싶은 순간들….

That is probably why people take pictures of moments they do not want to forget and memories they wish to cherish.

*cherish: 간직하다

시인 역시 거실 벽에 붙여놓은 낡은 흑백사진을 올려다보면서 눈부시게 아름다웠던 21년 전 가족의 모습을 회상하고는 합니다.

Korea’s favorite poet, Kim Yong-taek, often looks up at a worn black and white photo of his family hung up on his living room and recollects beautiful family memories from 21 years ago.

*worn: 낡은
*recollect: 회상하다

"그 속에 가족들이 담겨 있다… 사진을 들여다보며 각자 웃고 또 바라보며 같이 웃다가 울며 서로의 얼굴을 다시 바라보는 것이다…"

“My family members are in the photo. We smile when looking at the photos, look at each other and laugh, sometimes burst out in tears. The photo gives us the opportunity to look at each other again,” said the poet.

삶은 결코 평온하지 않을 것이며 기쁜 날보다는 슬픈 날이 가득하더라도…사진은 그렇게 어느 한 순간의 행복을 우리 삶 전체에 퍼지게 하는 마법과도 같은 힘을 가진 것 같습니다.

Life is never a tranquil road; there will be much tougher, saddening days than pleasant ones. But just like that, in an instant, a single photo has that magical power to spread happiness throughout our lives.

*tranquil: 평온한

오늘(12일) 우리는 몇 장의 사진과 다시 마주하게 되었습니다.

On Monday, we were faced with a number of photos.

3년 만에 돌아온 딸아이의 전화기. 그 안에는 그 배를 타기 전후에 17살 설레던 마음들이 담겨 있었습니다.

It was from a smartphone of a victim of the Sewol ferry tragedy. The phone, which came back almost three years after it departed from Incheon, carried the excited expectations of a 17 year-old girl going on a field trip.

빈 가방을 채워 넣고, 삼삼오오 모여앉아 출항을 기다리고, 친구와 수다를 나누던 일상의 풍경들.

Scenes of teens filling up their empty carriers with playthings, sitting in a circle waiting for departure and chatting away; those were the scenes captured in the phone’s camera.

바로 어제 일인 것만 같은 그 소소한 풍경들과…열일곱에서 멈춰야 했던 소녀의 시간…

Scenes that seem as if it were only yesterday. For the little girl, time is halted at that very moment.

기억과 망각 사이에 사진이 있었습니다.

Between memory and oblivion were the pictures.

*oblivion: 망각

오늘의 앵커브리핑이었습니다.

This is all for today’s anchor briefing.

Broadcast on June 05, 2017
Translated for June 10, 2017

Translated and edited by Kim Jung-kyoon and Brolley Genster

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