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Me and Me (15)
Mystery, Drama / 105 mins. / Korean / June 18
In a peaceful small town, a young couple is found suffocated to death in a burnt down house. What Hyung-gu, the police detective, finds strange is that the couple seems to have been trapped in the attic — and his gut-feeling tells him that the townspeople had something to do with it.  
While conducting questioning around the town, Hyung-gu wakes up one day to find out the reality that he was living in has disappeared, and a whole other world which he has no recollection of has taken its place instead. Instead of a police detective, he is now a school teacher. His prior residence, his family — his wife and two children — have all vanished and now he lives in the house where the couple lived.  
Although Hyung-gu insists otherwise, nobody believes him.  
Can he find a way to get back to the reality that he knew?  
The movie is actor-turned-director Jung Jin-young’s debut film. Actor Cho Jin-woong stars as Hyung-gu.  

Onward (All)
Fantasy, Adventure / 102 mins. / English / June 17
In the elf world, land that was once magical is no more after technological advances overcame the need for magic.  
In the city of New Mushroomton, two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot grew up missing their father’s presence for most of their life. Their father, Wilden, died when Barley was little and before Ian was born.  
On Ian’s 16th birthday, their mother gives them gifts left by their father — a magic staff, a rare Phoenix Gem and a letter about a “visitation spell” that can resurrect their father for one day. While Ian succeeds in casting the spell, something goes wrong: only the lower half of Wilden — up to his legs — are brought back to the land of living.  
If the brothers want to have even a brief moment to talk to their father, they must find another Phoenix gem to cast the spell. But the two brothers are different as day and night. Can they get along enough for the next 24 hours to see their father?


Innocence (15)
Drama / 110 mins. / Korean / June 10
Jung-in, an elite lawyer, stares, for a moment, dumbstruck at the television screen where her mother is being shown as the number one suspect in a pesticide poisoning case.  
She immediately goes to her hometown, Daecheon, which she hasn’t visited since she left in her teens. 
She finds that her mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and at the crime scene finds more evidence that convinces her that her mother is innocent.  
As she probes deeper into the case, she sees that it’s connected to the mayor Chu In-hui, and his group of followers who seem to be doing their best they can to cover their tracks.
Actor Shin Hae-sun features as Jung-in, Bae Jong-ok as Hwa-ja, Jung-in’s mother, and Huh Joon-ho as the mayor Chu.  
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